Bengals Blocks Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who purchased a square as a part of our fundraiser this year and supported a Seton Dancer. We are so grateful for your support! Good Luck and Who Dey!!!



Week 1 (Cleveland)Karen Johnson
Week 2 (Baltimore)Machi Lutz
Week 3 (Los Angeles) 
Week 4 (Tennessee) 
Week 5 (Arizona) 
Week 6 (Seattle) 
Week 7 (BYE)—–
Week 8 (San Francisco) 
Week 9 (Buffalo) 
Week 10 (Texas) 
Week 11 (Baltimore) 
Week 12 (Pittsburgh) 
Week 13 (Jacksonville) 
Week 14 (Indianapolis) 
Week 15 (Minnesota) 
Week 16 (Pittsburgh) 
Week 17 (Kansas City) 
Week 18 (Cleveland) 

We will email you about getting your $100 check to you after each game so be on the lookout. Seton does only cut checks once a week so it could take up to 2 weeks to get your payment to you.

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