Technique Element Demo’s & Execution Notes

We will be adding additional video’s and notes as we can. Having some upload issues on the bigger video files at the moment. 🙂 

When sitting in splits, both R and L, you want to make sure the dancers knees are turned under on their back leg which should keep their hips square towards their front leg. Then sit up straight (shoulders back) with pointed toes. Once splits are mastered on one, the other or both legs you can work on improving flexibility by “over stretching” splits. To do this elevate the front and/or back foot with a book, box, chair, etc. depending on your current flexibility level.

When executing a standing c-jump you want to make sure your back arches, head is dropped back, toes are pointed and your arms are back in a “low V” position while in the air. When landing you should always land with bent knees to avoid injury and on a solid foot. Landing on toes will often cause the dancer to fall forward. Forearms should finish resting on the knees in a squat position.