The SHS Dance Teams proudly represent Seton High School, an all girl, Catholic high school on the west side of Cincinnati. The dance teams are made up of present and future Seton High School students. All five teams are highly motivated with a commitment to excellence both on and off the dance floor. The dance teams perform for Seton High School basketball games and various other functions such as the Christmas Concert and Celebrate Seton. All teams carry a pretty full competition schedule as well, competing September through February locally, regionally and nationally every year.

Varsity Dance Team (9th-12th grades)

Junior Varsity  Dance Team (9th-11th grades)

Junior High Dance Team (6th-8th grades)

Youth Dance Team (4th-6th grades)

Youth Prep Dance Team (4th-6th grades)

Twinkle Dance Teams (1st-3rd grades)