Junior Varsity Dance

We’re so excited to have the Seton Junior Varsity Dance Team back for its 4th season! We are very blessed that our program has grown enough to allow us the opportunity to have this team again. The Junior Varsity team is coached by Jodie Kitchell, Emma Dickman and Abby Brunner.

The team this year is made up of 12 amazing young ladies! We have ten freshmen and two sophomores all attending Seton High School.

With girls at this age level, we have a lot of experience, dedication, and talent which excites us as coaches and as a team, but we are never done growing! This team pushes each other and has an extremely strong bond, and we’re excited to see what they accomplish this season.

In 2019 the JV team won their first National Championship at UDA Nationals in Orlando. We hope to see more of these successful competitions through the season with our girls. Yet, above all else we aim to create humble, kind, hardworking young women during their time here on the team. We hope to prepare them with the tools they need, not only for the dance floor, but throughout their lives.